How to access Hiddenwiki on The Dark Web

Why do you need HiddenWiki on the Dark Web

The world wide web or in simple terms “The internet” as you know is massive. A lot of content gets posted on it every second that you can read or see in a lifetime. One of our necessities these days and most of the world’s population is using it in a way or the other. However, there is also a hidden internet which can not be accessed through normal browsers or search engines.

Hiddenwiki dark web

Its called The Dark Web. Imagine, all the information that you can ever get from the “normal internet” is just the tip of the iceberg. The dark web is what is underwater, a massive chunk of information just lying there undetected, unsearchable by a common person searching for the hidden content.

You can access this information through with the help of a set of tools, a special browser, and a few other things easily.

Why The Dark Web is hidden?

The Dark web is a complicated part of the internet, it offers all the information without a filter. Also, the dark web is often run on the networks of private servers, which provides a high level of anonymity in any kind of communication between users which makes it difficult for the authorities to track and shut down websites.

How to access Dark web websites

1. Download and install TOR browser

Although there is nothing wrong with your current browser, TOR browser gives you an extra edge in protecting your information on the dark web, not to mention this browser is one of the only few ways through which you can access the dark web. You can see this video which gives more info on how TOR can help you protect your identity and anonymity while browsing the Dark Web.

You can Download TOR from this link specific to your device. 
Download Tor Browser

2. Get a Reliable Virtual Private Network service(VPN)

VPNs are the servers that help you mask your origin while browsing the internet or dark web. It also helps you to emulate locations from different geographical locations. Well TOR masks your identity but it may not mask your location so it is better to be safe.
You can download a reliable VPN here

3. How to use Hiddenwiki on The Dark Web

When you access Dark web, you have to understand its not a simple walk in the park browsing experience like normal internet. The websites are really weird URLs, they change the URLs very often due to the nature of their business. So you need a list of URLs or websites where you can go to get genuine information. You might need a genuine search engine, an anonymous email service provider, chat service provider, and other services websites. The Dark Web is a confusing place so you need a trusted guide to give you all the info you need. 

This is where HiddenWiki comes in play

Hiddenwiki is a carefully curated list of the Dark Web Websites which you might need to browse the dark web. This list is updated daily and trusted by most of the users on dark web.

If you are on the Dark web, then just copy this URL- http://hiddenwiki7wiyzr.onion/ and paste it on the TOR browser to access it immediately, you would then be able to click on any link and visit the respective website. Or you can simply visit our main page here for the complete list of Dark web websites